Making Faith Connections Groups

There are now multiple small groups and locations for Making Faith Connections.

 Sundays @ 9:50am
Facilitated by Rich Neely
Located at COH

Sundays @ 12:30pm
Facilitated by John Valdez
Located at COH

Sundays @ 1:30pm
Facilitated by Jan Wormwood
Located at COH

Wednesdays @ 10:30am
Facilitated by Sheri Phillips
Located at group members homes

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
Self-lead group
Located at COH

Thursdays @ 1:00pm
Facilitated by Jan Anderson and Lois Caipen
Only over Zoom

 The Faith Connection groups on
Sunday Morning at 9:50am
Wednesday Night at 6:30pm
Are designed as drop-in opportunities for those  who are interested.

For Specific information or questions about these groups please contact Pastor Russ
Contact: Pastor Russ Sorensen 505-400-8206;

Making Faith Connections

Making Faith Connections Small Group Ministry

COH Easter, 2024

Searching for…

3/31     Life                  Mark 16:1-18                                                                                  Easter

4/7       Peace              John 20:19-31  (Jesus and Thomas)                                        Easter 2                                 

4/14     Community     Luke 24:36b-48 (Jesus’ peace in center of community)      Easter 3

4/21     Guidance         John 10:11-18 (Shepherd lays down life for sheep)    Easter 4                     

4/28     Nourishment   John 15:1-8 (Vine and Branches)                                 Easter 5

5/5       Confidence      John 15:9-17 (As the Father has loved me-abide, bear fruit) Easter 6

5/12     Strength           John 17:6-19 (Jesus’ prayers for his disciples)            Easter 7

5/19     Jesus                John 15: 26-27; 16:4b-15                                                        Pentecost

The Sunday worship experiences will form the basis for small group conversations offered to deepen the faith walk through this new season of growth. If you are interested in trying out a small group opportunity this year, contact the church office or Pastor Russ Sorensen for more information.
We have several options, and room for you to come and grow with us. Invite your friends as well!

The Mission of Cross of Hope Making Faith Connections Groups To provide an opportunity for all people to share Christ’s love and authentic community in a small group setting where lives are transformed through growth in faith and service to others.